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I'm an experienced brand and marketing leader.


Over the last 15 years I've worked on hundreds of successful product, brand, and web launches. The insights I've gained are invaluable, and I integrate these learnings into every project.


Comms make or break a project.

Positive results come from ideas and conversations that connect and lead you to your goal.

Establishing clear objectives at the beginning of a project takes time but always pays off in the end.

When working with a team, establishing roles and areas of accountability for each role (or vendor) develops stronger buy-in and improved communication.

Game Plan

Build a strategy.

Quick fixes focus on short-term gains and fail to address deeper marketing problems.

A well-defined marketing strategy acts like a game plan. Without one, you risk falling into a cycle of reactive marketing—where tactics operate in isolation and fail to contribute to a unified vision.

Tether tactics back to a defined goal or KPI. If you can't, hit pause and determine if you've lost sight of the goal.


Trust the experts.

Knowing what you don't know is a strength.

Relying on and trusting subject matter experts (SMEs) makes for better decision-making. When you cultivate a culture of collaboration, team members see that their insights are valued and implemented. The collective "we" accelerates, and the execution level (and job fulfillment) climb.

Featured Projects

Integrated Campaign | ZGM

Alberta is Calling

Drive young, skilled workers to Edmonton and Calgary from Vancouver and Toronto.

It's no secret that it's cheaper to live in Alberta, but we knew we wouldn't entice young talent to make the move from Canada's biggest cities on lower taxes alone. The digital strategy focused on storytelling that spoke to the audience's pain-points: affordability, lifestyle, and careers.

Results far exceeded goals, with over a dozen media pick-ups, over 650K website visits, and 6,500 email sign-ups in the first two months. Alberta continues to see increased migration from B.C. and Ontario, with anecdotal credit to the campaign.

Awards —

2022 ACE Award, Advertising Campaign $50,000 and Over

2023 Bronze Effie, Government, Institutional and Public Service category

Links —

Campaign Microsite

ZGM Case Study

Campaign Performance

This campaign has contributed to the highest migration to Alberta since the 1950's with over 60,000 people (and counting) moving to the province to-date. Below are a few highlights from the initial campaign launch, after just two months in.


website visits


avg time on page


email sign ups

Image Source

Agency of Record | Lift Interactive

Tourism Jasper

Establish seasonal, activity-focused campaigns that increase stakeholder bookings and grow year-round visitation within the region.

To augment their brand-level marketing efforts, Jasper tasked us with developing a strategy to better target regional travels based on their interests—be they active adventure, serene and calm, or experience-based (think cozy cabin). Over time, and in coordination with a new and improved website, and awareness focused campaigns, we developed sub-campaigns that drive travellers to action, which helped reach our objective of increasing bookings with tour operators. Before developing the messaging and creative for our sub-campaigns, we dug into the data to uncover a handful of distinct audiences defined by their particular interests, activities, and demographics.

Awards —

2018 ACE Award, Advertising Video Single

2017 Digital Alberta Ember Award, Website

Links —

Tourism Jasper Website

Lift Case Study


Campaign channels were chosen to reach each audience where they were already spending their time online — driving engaged users to curated landing pages that were tailored to their interests.


award winning campaigns


YoY clicks to stakeholders


increase in attendance for Jasper Pride & Dark Sky

Website | ZGM

Ethical Food Group, EFG

Create a website that positions Ethical Food Group [EFG] as the go-to consultancy for sustainable food brands.

To help feed 9 billion people around the world, EFG’s “Food Forever” vision is rooted in supporting sustainable farming practices through the promotion and investment of ethical food brands. The goal for this project was to reach not consumers and to resonate with sustainable food business owners and C-suite executives.

We created a new website and content strategy that highlighted EFG's services and showcased their newly developed brand. In line with the company’s values, there was a focused effort to go above and beyond typical sustainability practices by ensuring the website itself had a low carbon footprint. Our efforts resulted in a website that is cleaner than 90% of pages tested online, measured by

Link —

Ethical Food Group Website

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